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The OG-ZETA Virus is a side effect of Anomaly 856-1CB, which orginiates from The Rift Vortex. It is known to be a sticky, black sentient substance that appears after a concentrated ammount of the radiation from 856 Comes into one hotspot to form a hive. It crawls around and covers its surrounding areas and has the capability to pick up objects and transport them to other areas, infect other sentient life with a physical mass and use there flesh to feed, or dissable devices, machines near it. It's 'Overmind' central mass is near the closest infected veichle to the anomaly; The Nezkui Freigther. A Team will be shortly send out to investigate the ship, which was an order from the Irken Division of the IGN, Intergalactic Nations.

Sunn O))) - Alice16:21

Sunn O))) - Alice

It's Theme.

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