Nusmas is an Irken-modeled demon from The Spooky Realm.

Origins Edit

Nusmas was originally a small Irken child who lived in ancient Irk. Since that was before PAKS and cloning, she had a family and such. She was the daughter of an Irken named Hagranog. Hagranog heard opera singing in his head, and soon followed it to a portal to the Spooky Realm hidden in his house. Nusmas, who was a toddler, followed him, and they both ended up in the Spooky Realm. It is unknown what happened to Hagranog, but Nusmas ended up becoming an Irken demon, and has remained there ever since.

Appearance Edit

Nusmas looks like a black-eyed Irken head on a giant, red, fat, sumo wrestler body with tentacles for arms and two hairy spider legs.

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