Nightmare Grim. Ain't he spooky?

Nightmare Grim (sometimes called the Grimford Reaper) is the nightmare double of Grim. He is a magnification of all of Grim's bad points. He is completely motivated by the revenge of all who have wronged him, which became increasingly less as he became more powerfull. Unlike the real Grim, he succesfully overthrew the Nightmare Tallest and is a high-ranking nightmare world official.

He is extremely cynical and sarcastic, to the point of being downright malicious in his speech. He hates everyone, even his colleagues and commanding officers, and often thinks of creative ways to kill everyone in the universe to get some peace and quiet. His goal after killing everyone is to produce a TV cartoon and become super-sucessful in the real world.

He has already killed poor nightmare LIR, deeming him "too annoying even for a henchmen." He's not really evil, really just misguided. Being a copy of Grim, even if he is a nigtmare copy, he still has a little good in him. His appearance is somewhat like Grim's, though it is warped and kind of Burton-esque. He is extremely tall, with metalic clawed hands. He is super-thin, and wears a shadowy black cloak. Has huge, menacing sharp teeth in his mouth, and an unexplained third eye with clown makeup

When Dib, Grim, and Zim go to the nightmare dimention, he along with Nightmare Zim and several other Nightmare Irkens and assorted beings try to kill them.

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