Nightmare Dakama
Biographical information

Nightmare Irk


18 Irk Years


Resisty General

Physical description


Eye Color

Golden Yellow



Additional information

Fire arms, axes, swords, lasers, etc.


PAK, Samurzai(ship), combat boots for climbing

SIR Unit


Number of Planets Conquered

The Resisty does not conquer


Aris, The Resisty Council, Lard Nar, Zim, Elij(deceased)

Notable Facts

She loves gore and Tim Burton.



She was born in the Nightmare World. After an argument with between the Nightmare Irkens and the Resisty, the Resisty waged war. The war was brutal and several Irkens and Resisty members were killed, including Dakama's lover, Elij. Instead of continuing the War, the Nightmare council decided to sign a treaty and join the Resisty. Dakama has been part of the Resisty ever since.


Dakama may seem BiPolar, but she really has Manic Depression. She can seem angry and sadistic at times, but depressive and suicidal at others. This is generally conected to the fact that the loss of Elij is her fault.


She has pale grey skin, and golden-yellow eyes. She usually wears a sleeveless, white turtleneck with her own insignia at the base of the collar. Dakama wears black pants, like any other irken, but wears specialized combat boots(which are a little too small for her) for climbing. Dakama almost alway has a weapon at hand, but normally carries her signature double axes. She also wears bandages around her arms. The reason for this is unknown.


Since Dakama has been hidden in darkness for so long, she has obtained a severe allergy to Earth's sun. Like Irkens, she is allergic to Earth water and any other form of it. Unlike Irkens, however, she has no allergies to meat or most Earth foods. Howver, since Dakama has Manic depression, her emotions are highly unstabel. And the fact she is so reliant on weaponry, she has very little combat skills.


Dakama is highly specialized in the designing and making of weaponry. This allows her to make artillery out of anything on hand. Also, she is very agile due to extensive training in a gravity chamber. Dakama is highly intelligient, but her intelligince is clouded by rage.

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