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The nasha are a race of cat-like people native to planet Nasha. They are graceful and sweet. They have pet unicorns, but the unicorns are household pets, not transportation, as Nashas are faster than any unicorn.


Nashas look like really big cats with antennae, straight among the males and curled among the females. They usually follow the appearance of an earthly cat breed. However, there is a short-tailed, short-antennaed species with large ears and blue or blue-green fur as well. Nashas always have segmented toungues, but apparently, Invader Teri didn't know this, because her disguise has a normal cat toungue.

Weaknesses and immunitiesEdit

Nashas are immune to weak flames, most non-feline viruses, fungi, protists and bacteria, along with several kinds of poisons and non-Nashan foods and drinks. However, Nashas are affected by polluted earth water the same way Irkens are. When one nasha, Snowy, discovered this nasha-irken simalarity, she stole some of Invader Teri's stuff, put on a horrible Irken disguise, and started ordering polluted water from various Irkens on Earth, Invaders, non-Invaders, and outcasts just so that she could dump polluted Earth water on Teri's head. However, it got into the sewer and several nashas were poisoned. Snowy really should have considered the consequences of bringing that to Nasha, as nashas aren't affected by most of the stuff on their planet.


A Nasha's diet consists of Nashan equivelents to rodents, birds, fish, lizards, frogs, toads, and anything else a cat would eat, along with the annual feast where they eat a Nashan unicorn. If driven to do so by starvation, nashas will eat another nasha once he or she dies. 


Nashas reproduce the same way cats do, except they stay together until a "divorce" happens or one dies. Nasha kits are small unless you count their some-what large heads, therefor making birth easy on both mothers and kits.

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