The Serpentian girl.

The Mysterious Serpentian Girl is a Serpentian female child that is in Invader Myu's classroom at SAYWAG. She is usually grim and scowls toward Myu. Nio shows much interest in her. The girl also has a pet Snakitty, who is very agile and silent. The girl has spoken on occasion, but her name is yet to be revealed. She speaks with a familiar accent...and Myu is suspicious that she may not be who she claims to be.

After Myu asked her over to experiment on the prime subject, she revealed herself to be Tak, and her Snakitty to be MIMI. When Myu found this out, she enlisted Tak to help her invade Serpentia in excahange for information on Zim's whereabouts. The two became, more or less, friends.

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