Medcinion is a moon conquered by Invader Sploodge.  Its inhabitants were a race of hideous fish people. They are now extinct.


A day on Medcinion lasts 39 standard days. The planet orbits a large blue gas giant.


Medcinion is now used as a medical research center,due to its large amount of plants used in medicene. The entire moon was converted to be completely mechanical,and its flora and fauna was transported to artificial habitats on a nearby neighboring planet. 


Medcinion is entirely mechanical and is covered in research labs and testing facilities. It is also home to the 4th best hospitals in the galaxy. There are also a few drug stores on this planet.

The planet is made up of many levels of buildings.


This planet has an artificial atmosphere generated by a gigantic energy field surrounding the planet. The field's generators are hidden deep underneath the moon's surface. The atmosphere is purple in color,and breatheable to most lifeforms.


Hideous fish people(extinct) Vortians Irkens Slave species




Medical research facility

Notable Facts

It is a moon.

First Appearance



Trivia of DoomEdit

  • Lurk often steals from drug stores on this moon.
  • It is often mistaken as a planet.
  • Vortian scientists are also found on this planet.

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