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Lurk pic(backround)
Biographical information

Irk (Racial); Vertec (Birth).


16 Irken Years (Biological).


Exile; formerly a Soldier.



Physical description


Eye Color



4'7", or 4 feet, seven inches.

Additional information

PAK, Plasma Cannon.



SIR Unit


Number of Planets Conquered

Planets? None. Dimensions? At least 400 (via tantrum/accident).


Himself; Menami.

Notable Facts


First Appearance

Introduction of Doom.

False hope is the best KIND of hope!


Because you don't know it's a lie!
— Lurk and his opinions on hope.

Unusual; a word perfect for understating the life of the Vertec-born Irken known to both friend and foe as Lurk.

With a defective PAK, a decaying sanity, and an unhealthy fascination with going on horrific interdimensional 'adventures', Lurk is among the more intriguing residents of Z-14, and is a main protagonist of Irken Conquest.

Personality Edit


Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Lurk was born in the last throes of the Irk-o-pocalypse; a horrific event that practically shattered the entirety of the Irken Fleet sent to conquer R-14, a newly discovered dimension that had piqued the Empire's interests.

Those who survived were cut off and scattered, and few Irkens were left, especially on Vertec; ground zero.

Lurk was born there, one of the few smeets still being birthed by what was left of the planet's Smeeteries. Given a PAK and what information was left uncorrupted in the Smeetery databanks, Lurk was sent out into the feral wilds of what was once the Irken Military Stronghold of Vertec.

For a time, Lurk was raised by mutants, and rather abusive ones at that. Then, one day, he met a stranded Irken Elite by the name of Menami.

Taking him in, Menami essentially became a sort of big sister to Lurk, and continued to care for him for some time, becoming close friends; to this day, Menami is one of the only people Lurk truly cares deeply about.

Notably, some time during his years as a smeet, Lurk met LIR, his future SIR Unit; though it's unclear exactly when.

The Alemus War Edit

A fair amount of years passed as Lurk grew and learned under Menami's tutelage, growing to be a fairly average (if short) Irken, despite his isolation from the Empire. Remaining trapped in R-14 for his entire life up to this point, Lurk only knew of the empire through what Menami had taught him, plus the ruins and data in his PAK.

Thus, when one of those ruins, a derelict portal in orbit around Vertec, suddenly sprung to life, Lurk was transfixed on the Empire that was returning to stake it's claim in R-14 once more. This in mind, it came as very little surprise that Lurk got himself enlisted in the military as soon as possible once the Irken Empire met the Alemus of Arken, descending into the chaos of the Alemus Wars.

Unfortunately for him (and many others), war is a costly, dangerous thing.

Over the course of the war, though he himself was relatively unscathed in combat, Lurk suffered seemingly irreparable damage to his PAK, leading to persistent malfunctions and in the end, making him a textbook defective. As such, his sanity (among other things in his mind) began to decay.



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Lurk doomy



Lurk is a defective and insane Irken who travels the Multiverse. He has since left the empire, but is occasionally dragged back to Irken territory because of his horrible adventures.


Lurk was an Irken that was born at the end of the Irk-o-pocalypse on Vertec. He was cared for by Menami as a child, but it is implied he was cared for by abusive mutants before he met Menami. Soon after, the Irken empire returned to Robloxia. Angry war threats came from the Alemus as soon as they discovered the Irkens had returned, causing the Alemus wars. Lurk was turned into a rookie soldier after the empire had returned.

During the war, Lurk suffered permanent damage to his PAK, causing him to become mentally unstable and a defective. Since this event, Lurk's sanity has been constantly decaying. After the Alemus wars, Lurk was deemed too "inexperienced" and sent to Robloxia to study the inhabitants. During his mission on Robloxia, he had created a base and met Mario, a friend of his, once again. Soon after, unfortunately, Mario disappeared for a while, saying that he was going on a "private trip" for to visit his "family members". Lurk began to miss Mario for a while, but eventually began to forget about him entirely. 

Soon, Lurk began to become extremely bored in his base. He often fooled around with LIR or did random experiments and made machines in his base, usually ending in horrible failure or explosions. Eventually Lurk decided to explore Robloxia, putting on a disguise and traveling into Robloxian cities. Often, he screwed around with the Robloxians just for the fun of it. Lurk even once attended a Robloxian high school to "gather intelligence on the natives". However, Lurk used this as an excuse and just went to the school to flirt wth random Robloxian females and cause trouble. Lurk knew that he wasn't authorized to mingle with the native species on the planet,so he usually hid this from others, excluding Menami. 

One day Lurk had discovered that LIR had some sort of pocket dimension in his head, finding it while repairing his head circuits after LIR and Lurk crashed during a joyride in his ship. This pocket dimension was called the LSD (LIR Storage Dimension). Lurk had questioned why LIR never told him, but LIR only responded with "I dunno". Lurk then decided to explore this strange world in LIR's head, and entered it through a portal that LIR created. LIR gave Lurk a tour of the storage dimension, and soon Lurk decided to hold stuff there. Eventually Lurk put so much stuff in it that it became filled with junk. That is, until LIR revealed that the LSD could access entirely different realities. Lurk was fascinated by this, and began traveling to other dimensions with it. However Lurk usually traveled to just a few dimensions, due to most of them being either incredibly dangerous or absolutely horrifying. 

Some time later, however, Lurk was bored once again. He'd become tired of screwing around with the Robloxians, and couldn't think of any new experiments to make. So, Lurk decided to rent a movie, but discovered that his membership to planet CinemaStore-8 had expired. Lurk was extremely furious, but decided to do nothing about it because he was too lazy to. Lurk then decided to go looking for some kind of thing to entertain him in the LSD. Several hours later, Lurk stumbled apoun an old VHS tape and a Earth television. The VHS tape was green and had a white piece of paper taped to it, reading "OLD NOSTALGIC TV SHOW". Lurk, curious, decided to watch the VHS tape out of pure boredom. Most of the tape's content had been damaged, except for a small part containing some sort of weird cartoon episode with some human girl named "Fionna". Lurk, bored out of his mind, decided to watch it. He soon found himself oddly liking the said Fionna human, because she reminded him of someone very familiar from his childhood. Soon he even began to become attracted to said human, he did not know why. 

Lurk soon found more the tapes, and kept watching the strange alien cartoon show. He became obsessed with it. Soon Lurk decided to figure out why it reminded him so much of his childhood, and decided to ask Menami about it. Unfortunately Menami had no idea what Lurk was talking about, and said that she knew no one like this "Fionna". Soon he revealed that he had some sort of crush on said character. Menami found it cute at first, but then discovered that Lurk seemed a bit...Too invested in this character. Menami warned him to not get too obsessed with her, because she was just a fictional character. However, Lurk ignored her advice and soon fell completely in love with her. Lurk became obsessed, and began drawing thousands of pictures of her, and his obsession ran to the point where he'd make stuffed dolls of her. Lurk's crush soon spiraled into madness, and Lurk began developing insane theories on how she could exist somewhere. Lurk worked for hours on his theories, doing research on where she could be. Lurk even attempted to find her on Robloxia, but to his dissappointment, he never did.

Then Lurk remembered about the LSD and its ability to travel to other dimensions. Lurk soon theorized that Fionna could exist in another dimension, coincidentally being exactly like the show on the VHS tapes. Thus, his search for Fionna began. He traveled through other dimensions constantly, searching for her. As expected however, he never did. That did not stop him, though. He soon became so determined on finding her that he contacted Menami less and less, and kept his search a secret from her. Menami became worried, but was usually too busy with military duty to visit him much. They often talked through communication signals however.

Soon Lurk became experienced with inter-dimensional travel and learned all about the Multiverse. Unfortunately, he often got himself in trouble in other dimensions,and made enemies with quite a few inter-universal species. Also,Lurk began to accidentally travel to very disturbing dimensions, and saw horrifying things and met strange creatures and beings. He would often stay up at night,paranoid that interdimensional abominations would come after him. Soon,Lurk began to study occult sciences and practiced black magic he had discovered in his multiversal travels. He had eventually become extremely paranoid and untrustworthy of other people, and began to question the truth about everything around him. 

After this,while outside at night looking for "demon pork apes", Lurk came in contact with a vampire named Sprang. Lurk knocked him out at first sight,and took him to his base for interrogation. Lurk soon discovered that Sarks and him had common interests, and Lurk decided to become his friend. Lurk soon told Sprang about his "Fionna" secret, to Lurk's surprise Sprang believed his theory. They decided to go searching for Fionna, along with LIR of course. Sprang often hung out in Lurk's base. However, soon Sprang stopped coming to his base for some reason, and Lurk wouldn't see him again for another 5 Earth years. Lurk tried to contact him and went looking for him,but he never could get ahold of him. Lurk, saddened that he had another friend missing like Mario,continued with his Fionna search. However, he discovered that Sprang had left something behind: an ancient book called The Book of Paranormal Spooky Stuff, a legendary book that was said to be only Robloxian legend. It's author went missing and was presumed dead. His identity was unknown. Lurk soon realized that with this book, he could try to find a way to bring Fionna into the real world, using its forbidden knowledge. 

Eventually, Lurk started making hair-brained schemes to bring Fionna into the real world. He used countless spells from the book to try and bring Fionna to him. These spells usually backfired and plunged Lurk into insane daily adventures to reverse the effects of the spells. That, or the spells ended in horrible explosions. Eventually Lurk tried other methods and ways to try and bring Fionna to him. 

One of his most infamous attempts was creating a "perfect fionna" in his lab. Using illegal technology, Lurk grew human body parts in the lab. Using these parts he then crafted a human female that resembled fionna. However, this artificial human died shortly after it was created. Lurk soon became obsessed with his project, and kept making more artficial fionnas. Each one failed,but Lurk kept trying again and again to make one that would live. LIR began to see that his master had gone mad, following the Irken-SIR Unit rule that if the SIR Unit's master is in no condition to continue the mission, the SIR can act upon free will, and ran away from Lurk's base. LIR was found by a human named "Dev", and decided to take care of him. An enemy of Lurk, Dev was the leader of a secret french organization on Robloxia that smuggled technology left over from the failed invasion. Meanwhile, Lurk, too obsessed with his project, didn't bother to go looking for LIR, and decided that he had "betrayed him". Lurk then decided that their friendship had ended.

Soon Lurk decided to create a "replacement" SIR unit out of spare parts. He named him "RIR",Replacement Information Retrieval unit. However, RIR had very poor programming and couldn't speak. This made him often unresponsive and usually just wandered around the base aimlessly. Lurk soon began to miss LIR's energetic personality and company.

After hundreds of tries, Lurk finally saw that his experiments were hopeless,and that he needed LIR back. Lurk decided to destroy his 200th attempt at creating a perfect Fionna. However, Lurk foolishly decided to dump it in a mysterious underground pool of nuclear waste near his base to get rid of it. Lurk then left RIR out in a Robloxian forest somewhere, and forgot about him.

Soon after this, Lurk went to go look for LIR. He discovered that LIR had joined Dev's organization and that Dev eventually reprogrammed LIR to make sure he didn't disobey him. Regardless, Lurk went after LIR to rescue him from Dev. Lurk infiltrated his organization disguised as a human. He eventually blew up their main headquarters, destroying most of their technology. Lurk rescued LIR and reprogrammed him into his normal self, before they went back to their base and continued their "mission". 

Cloning Disaster Edit

Lurk accidentally mutated himself working on the Dark energy core in his base, after damaging it during a fight with LIR. The damage caused dark energy to seep out, horribly distorting Lurk. This caused other dangerous things in Lurk's base to be released as well,causing him to mutate. His skin turned grey and he grew sharp teeth. The mutations also caused damage to his mind, making him an aggressive mindless mutant. Lurk went on a rampage in a fit of primal rage,and attacked LIR. LIR was forced to try and create a clone of Lurk, due to his mutation being irreversible. Unfortunately, the mutant-Lurk damaged the clone machine while it was commencing it's cloning process.

This caused it to malfunction and rapidly create hundreds of Lurk clones, copies of Lurk's ship,and a few extremely rough copies of LIR,and beam them randomly into space. Soon the machine overheated and exploded. The last clone was "Clone 0.3" or "current" Lurk. 

The clones, confused and lost, decided to travel through space, searching for any place familiar to them ever since.
Lurk's clone-o-matic 001

Lurk's cloning machine. It was created by Lurk to make clones incase if he ever dies. Once the clone is made,it is teleported into a satellite orbiting Robloxia,and then beamed to whereever Lurk's PAK signal goes offline. It is capable of creating artificial PAKs using illegal technology. It can also create exact copies of LIR using his schematics(Although,they do not have their own LSDs). In addition,it can create rough copies of Lurk's ship,incase if his ship is destroyed along with him.


Soon, an irken droid was sent to do an inspection on Lurk's base. Lurk became very paranoid and tried to distract the drone from investigating his base as much as he could. However, the drone soon saw through Lurk's attempt and he was forced to let it in the base. Fearing that he would be judged by his fellow irkens for his horrible obsession with Fionna,Lurk destroyed the drone. Camera recordings from the drone had revealed Lurk's attack, however. He was then charged with destruction of Irken property. In a horrible overreaction, Lurk then blew up his base and abandoned his "mission". He then took LIR and left Robloxia in his ship. Eventually, Lurk met Mario once again while on planet Planet Blockbustius looking for "Hyper Ultra Blonde Cyberwar Women with Tight Clothes from the year 2030%: The English Dub". Lurk was quite paranoid at first, not remembering Mario very well. He soon warmed up to him again despite this and they began to hang out again.

Near DeathEdit

In Rise of AI, Lurk was destroyed in an explosion caused by SICC.  Luckily, his PAK survived the explosion, although damaged. His PAK was eventually put on Zik, who sacrificed his body for Lurk and gained a temporary robot replacement. This technically marks the death of 3.0 Lurk. Soon he received a replacement body created by Xisenin, along with a more advanced disguise generator.


Lurk's PAK damage has severely damaged his mind, causing him to be illogical and psychologically disturbed. His past cloning has also deteriorated his mind even more, causing some of his memory to be lost.

Lurk is often very selfish and has sociopathic tendencies, and usually uses his friends for his own personal gain. However, Lurk can be willing to help his friends in the worst situations, or if they're in great danger. Lurk is also incredibly paranoid and can be quite illogical and foolish at times. Among examples of this are him summoning an eldritch abomination to help him open a pickle jar, or to replace dead batteries in his TV remote. He can also be incredibly untrustworthy of strangers, and usually suspects them to be dangerous people in disguise. However, Lurk seems to have a soft spot for children, and is usually very kind toward them (or at least, tries to be). 

The friend he cares about the most seems to be Menami, and is usually very nice to her. However Lurk ends up being quite annoying to her at times, and often unintentionally gets her into trouble. Lurk also seems to have a bad habit of eating the food in her fridge without asking permission, and often stalks her at night and watches her sleep. However, Lurk usually stalks her out of fear that someone would try to sneak into her apartment and kill her when she sleeps. He also seems to be quite caring toward LIR, his SIR unit. Lurk usually hangs out with him the most, and they often go on adventures together. Although Lurk can get quite agitated when LIR refuses to cooperate or fools around too much, he enjoys his company and gets along with him most of the time.

Lurk can also seem incredibly creepy toward others, usually unintentionally though. 

Ou of sheer desperate need to find her, he makes scatterbrained schemes to find Fionna. This usually ends in mass amount of chaos or failure, commonly both..

Lurk also seems to dislike showing sad emotions, and usually attempts to distract himself from them around others. However, Lurk will show them if he is alone, and if he is sad enough, when LIR is around. He also seems to rarely cry except in devastating situations, such as death and heartbreak. 

He can also be somewhat suicidal at times,and has even been shown to accept the possibility of death with open arms. Lurk even once attempted to kill himself by drinking bleach, but instantly regretted it after consuming a small cups worth to see how it would feel. Why he did this and when it happened is currently unknown. He can also be quite pessimistic at times, and sometimes only sees the worst out of a situation. 

Sonic CD Remastered - Palmtree Panic (Bad Future)14:01

Sonic CD Remastered - Palmtree Panic (Bad Future)

Lurk's battle theme.


Lurk has many enemies and friends. However,due to his constant death and cloning, he has forgotten much of his past with them. (to be edited)

  • LIR - LIR is Lurk's SIR unit. Lurk is usually very kind to LIR and treats him like a brother. They've known each other since Lurk was a smeet.
  • Mario - Mario is Lurk's best friend. Lurk and Mario have shared their secrets. Their origins and personalities are very similar. Mario and Lurk have been on many adventures together. 
  • Invader Maz - Lurk finds her to be quite annoying and somewhat creepy, and considers her a possible enemy. Despite this Lurk finds her extremely attractive and has tried flirting with her at least once. 
  • Sarks - Sarks was an Irken smeet that Lurk personally trained. Sarks was very annoying and is a defective. His PAK was full of errors due to his vampire predecessor. The phrase "boom boom" brings shivers to Lurk, for it reminds him of Sarks using the phrase "boom boom" when he wanted to cause destruction. He usually accomplished this with an Irken pulse cannon. He was punished many times due to his defective nature. He now has a grudge on Lurk for all the punishments, and hated him. Once Sarks grew older, he apologized, but soon after a few years Sarks used a race changer and turned himself into a human as well, he then ran away from the Empire. Sarks returned after many years,as an Irken with a human disguise resembling Marshall lee from Adventure Time. His disguise often causes him to mistake him as the real Marshall Lee,causing Lurk to spazz out and interrogate him about Fionna's location. Strangely,Sarks went missing again after an adventure Lurk had with him when he returned. Lurk misses him.
  • Sprang - He was Lurk's second best friend. He was a vampire, and became this way when a human scientist transformed him into one by tricking him. Sprang was killed when he crashed on Zendra 4 trying to pilot an Irken transport vessel. He was transformed into an Irken by the remnants there, and his brain was put into a PAK, and then into a smeet. 
  • Zim - Lurk sees Zim as a destructive moron. Lurk seems to know alot about Zim.
  • Invader Jib- Lurk dislikes Jib and has had many past conflicts with him. After he caused him to be arrested in Trial from Hell, his dislike of him transformed into hatred. Lurk plans to ruin his mission on EARTH-4510 someday. 
  • Invader Vax - Lurk likes Vax, but thinks he can be annoying at times.
  • Menami - One of the only people Lurk truly cares about. The original Lurk was cared for as a smeet by Menami. However,the current Lurk Clone doesn't remember much of his past of Menami but still feels safe with her. Lurk treats her as if she were her sister, and is one of the only people he cares about the most.
  • Zik the Physic - Lurk hates Zik with a passion, and doesn't get along with him much. Lurk also finds him annoying and can't understand his accent. He also thinks he's quite selfish and arrogant. Lurk also thinks that he doesn't treat Menami as well as he should, and thinks he's a terrible boyfriend for her. Despite all this, Lurk doesn't attempt to harm him to keep Menami happy (usually).
  • Invader Vex - Lurk is fascinated by Vex's technology. The current Lurk doesn't remember much of his interaction with Vex.
  • Zeerk - Being Lurk's "past life". They tend to get along well. Lurk and Zeerk seem to have vague memories of each other's lives. Zeerk's love for Menami tends to annoy him at times.
  • SORA - Lurk hasn't interacted with her much, but finds her brave and somewhat attractive. He has a tiny crush on her but won't admit it. 
  • Xiseinin - He used to see Xiseinin as annoying. After interacting with him, he found out that they have similar interests and can somewhat relate with each other.
  • Vok - Lurk despises Vok and wants him dead. Vok usually treats Lurk horribly and emotionally manipulates him for entertainment.
  • Nightmare Lurk - Finds him annoying.
  • Zathar the Irken experiment - Finds him incredibly annoying and would prefer if he died horribly. 


As a disguise Lurk uses a very advanced disguise that alters Lurk's DNA, making him human(mostly). Although, his disguise's DNA seems to be damaged from tampering with it. The damage causes Lurk's eyes to remain irken,forcing him to wear blue contact lenses. His disguise consists of brown spiky hair, peach skin, blue contact lenses, a nose, ears, a PAK backpack disguise, grey(or black) gloves, and his standard Irken boots. He also has a secret compartment in his backpack for carrying LIR and a strange red glowing crescent on the top of the backpack (unknown what that it used for). The backpack reveals the middle part of his PAK and most of the 2 bottom spots. Lurk's disguise is activated by a small,thin robotic arm that cloaks Lurk with his disguise. It emerges from the small hole on Lurk's backpack. 
Lurk's disguise refer 001

Lurk's disguise

Lurk also added a sleep mode to his disguise shortly after he got his new base on Robloxia,to appear "more human/robloxian" to the Robloxians. The sleep mode requires Lurk to sleep at night, similar to a human. Lurk requires approximately 6 hours of sleep or he will feel sluggish and drowsy in his disguise mode.

After the events of Hunt for Mechanis, Lurk's disguise was repaired. He was also given much more disguise choices, allowing him stealth. Some of these disguises include a Vortian with Mechanian cybernetic parts, and a red eyed Irken,used for his alternate identity. Lurk's alternate identity has no true name, because usually Lurk comes up with random names. He uses this disguise when on Irk or any Irken dominated planets.

When not usually using his holo disguise, Lurk usually wears a clown mask and a hooded cloak. 

Clip (2014-07-03 at 09.49.19)

Lurk's alternate Identity disguise,credits to Misty.


These are all of Lurk's known clones,

  • The original Lurk went insane from the Alemus War and commited suicide. 
  • Clone 0.1, the first clone, this one was created after Lurk fell in love with a random female Irken out of sheer desprate need. This clone was killed by an asteroid while departing planet Zendra-4,heading to a (self assumed) date with the female Irken. 
  • Clone 0.2 This clone was mutated and went on a rampage. It was killed by the explosion caused by the cloning machine and replaced.
  • Clone 0.3 (A.K.A the "original" Lurk) This clone is emotionally unstable and carries the same traits as the original Lurk. He is wanted and has abandoned Irk. This is the last clone that could be created;the others are lost in space. This clone's body was destroyed in Rise of A.I..
  • Clone 0.31/2 This Lurk was last seen at Vex's space station reading Earth comics.This clone has Lurk's old personality. His current whereabouts are unknown.
  • Clone 0.4 This clone met clone 0.31/2 over Vex's space station. Clone 0.31/2 crulely teleported him to planet Kyrosos 4. He is now a hideous mutant who commands an army of other Lurk clones.

RobloxScreenShot08102013 092430452

Crashed Settle Lander

RobloxScreenShot08102013 092646407

Lurk's destroyed base.


Lurk (out of his disguise) is a 4-foot 26-inch tall Irken male with pink eyes (similar to Zim's eyecolor in the Pilot), long antennae tips, and usually wears the standard striped Irken uniform.


"Blah Blah Religion, One being, Dusq, big deal!"

"LIR! CEASE THE PEANUT BUTTER GOBBLING, yer gettin it on my control consle. Ok? Ok."

"My hair's NORMAL LOOKING! I don't look like a porcupine!"

"I don't understand, why can't we talk about that kind of stuff in public Mario?

Mario: *Whispers* 

OH! Oh. Ok I get it now. Yeah."

"Prepare to be decimated... or something else that's painful."

"Nothing will stand in my way! Irken or OR EVIL MUTANT BREADSTICK!"




Lurk without disguse

Lurk and LIR new 2

Lurk and LIR.

Horrible facts of Doom.Edit

  • Lurk has a similar design to Zim.
  • Only a few Lurk clones were non defective. The "original" Lurk was a defective.
  • The number of Clones Lurk has is 7,000,000,023. Most of them are still roaming the Robloxian universe and some other universes. Strangely,the cloning machine doesn't have the capiablity to clone this many clones. It is unknown where the extra clones came from.
  • It is stated that Lurk hasn't been on Robloxia in 20 Robloxian years.
  • Lurk has longer antennae "tips" then most Irkens. 
  • Lurk can no longer blend in as well with the Robloxians, because he hasn't been on the planet in 20 Robloxian years.
  • In the "Genderbent universe" logically, Jib is conquering Finn's earth, so if Genderbent Jib exists, then Fionna exists in that dimension. Lurk has never thought of traveling there or is unaware that he traveled to a genderbent dimension.
  • Lurk trained for 10 years during his smeethood on Robloxia, after this the empire returned to restart the Robloxia invasion. Robloxia's time is slower then the time in the normal universe,so it's been 30 Robloxian years, making the original Lurk 40 irken years old.
  • Lurk is very fond of cherry flavored sweets and cheescake.
  • If Lurk dies and is cloned, his consciousness does not carry into the clone. Meaning the original Lurk is dead, physically and mentally.
  • Lurk has destroyed atleast 400 entire universes/dimensions out of rage or on accident. He usually destroyed these dimensions with stolen tech or magical devices, otherwise on accident.
  • Lurk is often paranoid that surviving victims of his multiversal omnicide will return for revenge.
  • Strangely, Lurk does not remember most of his multiversal omnicidal rampage, and sometimes suspects that he was framed.
  • Lurk has time traveled at least 700 times using the LSD without permission,his time travel caused tons of alternate timelines and paradoxes to form. Although, he fixed these paradoxes. 
  • It has been stated that Lurk has mugged and conned people for money, to pay for food on Foodcourtia. He also has counterfeited money and assaulted random civilians. This technically makes him wanted, but for small crimes. However, most authorities don't even bother arresting him or even attempt looking for him.  
  • It has been shown that Lurk is terrible at drawing. He also writes awful fanfictions on the INN network and draws fanart. Lurk also seems to enjoy posting memes and roleplaying. He occasionally cosplays and visits media conventions. 
  • Ocassionally Lurk will visit Xisenin to conduct experiments and create machinery at his base.
  • Lurk hates blue berries and is disgusted by cinnamon,it often makes him nauseous. 
  • It is hinted that Lurk's childhood was full of abuse and constant terror. It is also mentioned that he used to be cared for by someone else before he met Menami.
  • His clown mask is similar to the masks worn in the video game Payday.
  • Before season 2 ,Lurk was originally an incredibly angst filled character of poor quality. This is because his creator was horrible at writing and roleplay at first. Incredibly horrible.
  • His hairstyle is often mocked by people or just disgusts them greatly. This causes most to mistake him for some kind of porcupine-esque mutant.
  • Lurk is terrible at making comebacks.
  • He is addicted to InsaiN and has a history of addiction to drugs.
  • Lurk has a terrible fear of dolls and animatronics.
  • Lurk's PAK often deletes some of his memories at random, due to it's permanant damage. His memories can also become somewhat warped. 
  • Lurk is technically immune to mind reading, due to his mind being incredibly annoying and insane to pyschics. An example of this is when Lurk intentionally thinks up the most horrible images he can think of to annoy Zik in Spooky tales of Doom.(The majority of these images being mostly related to Lurk's disgusting fetishes and terrible ideas for fanfiction.
  • Lurk seems to view his quest to find Fionna "the only thing that gives him reason to continue living".
  • Lurks favorite color is yellow.
  • Lurk has no home but usually stays in LIR's storage dimension.

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