Kakradon is a planet hidden in the most neglected part of the galaxy. It is home to the Kakradonites, a race of xenophobic aliens with a desire to destroy all other life forms and make their planets either completely uninhabitable or no longer existing at all.

Inhabbitants Edit

The Kakradonites are a race of psychopathic xenophobes born with a desire to kill. Early in their history, they developed a religious belief that the gods had created them with one mission: to destroy every other life form. Thanks to this, they attempt to kill any living, breathing thing they encounter that isn't a fellow Kakradonite.

Landscape Edit

Kakradon was once a planet covered and covered with vast jungles. Once the Kakradonites had gone technological, they started building over these jungles, eventually covering the whole planet. It now looks like a red planet when seen from space, and is covered with massive buildings.

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