Irken Expirement 777.

Irken Expirement 777 (Aka, Zoike) is a giant-mutant-flesh-eating-demon-squid Vax and a few Vortian scientists created.


He was made for testing Brain probes such as Vax's comedian Brain probe, Vax's Jibberish yeller Brain probe, and Vax's future Irken Empire service drone Brain Probe. He breaks out of his cage a lot because they don't have such a good security system.

Facts of DoomEdit

  • He is the primary antagonist of Invader ZIM: Protectors of Doom.
  • He dosen't learn how to speak english until he gets launched into space five weeks before The craziness begins.

He is planned to die at the end of the planned series finally for Invader ZIM: Protectors of Doom, Zim vs Zoike.

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