Protectors of Doom is a reboot series of Invader Zim ment to take place after Invader Dib where Zim is now protectig Earth. He is joined by Kir, Thorn, Tak, Skoodge, Miz, Vax, Shpack, Lurk, Anj, Myu, and they're SIR units.







-Vax (And VIR








-Zoike (Primary)

-Sabre (Hitmotised)

-Cybore (Cyborge pilot)

-Ornal (Zoike's main servant)


1: The craziness begins

2a: Zim's little friend

2b: Naughty little rat things

3a: My catchphraze is "Doom"

3b: Loomy Ka-boomy

4a: GIR and VIR

4b: Screaching of Doom

5a: Invasion of the Rattle crumblers

5b: Run of Doom

6a: Day of the Doominator

6b: Bad stinking Robot

7a: Tak invasion!

7b: Baddy baddy bin cans

8a: Craziness ramps

8b: Return of the filthy rats!

9a: It likes babies

9b: Stupid tack thing

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