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250px-Character Tak

"Alright Zim, prepare for total destruction!"

 " For years..."

Explorer: We found it! The Tomb of Virus!

" He has been kept a secret from us..."

Explorer: Are you sure we should do this? I mean, he almost caused the universe's doom a million years ago...

Explorer: Shut up! That's only a myth!

" But now..."

Explorer: See? Nothing is in...


" He's back."

Zim: GIR, the doom cannon is ready!


Zim: Yes, yes. The pig.

" The universe is in trouble."

Tallest Red: So, you'll help us kill Zim if we give Tak's heart?

Virus: That's how it works. I keep my deals like that.

" We need help..."

Dib: Dad, I can prove he's an alien! Here!

Prof. Membrane: Egad, son! When will you put a stop this nonsense?

" Doom is spreading..."

Tak: Zim, I need help!

Zim: And why would I, the almighty Zim, help YOU?

Tak: Because, Zim... you're my brother.

"... And we need help."

Tallest Purple: Introducing our newest Zim killing weapon: VIRUS, THE GOD OF EVIL!!!

" So this summer..."


Gaz: Not before I do this. * kisses Zim on the lips!

Zim: Well, gee, I never expected that.

" Prepare for enslavement,..."

Virus: You can't defeat me! I've grown even stronger after a million years in that box!

Zim: Yes, we can... with teamwork.

" Because Zim is back."

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