Zade is flighty and unfocused, but can be serious sometimes.


Zade has green skin, black and gray eyes, a black shirt, grey boots (like Tak's), and a black PAK.


Zim: She met him once in Invader Acadamy, and has a crush on him. They hate one another, though she will tolerate him.

GIR: Can be tolerated, but not for long.

Gaz: She likes Zade, but at the same time hates her. She beats her up everyday for something. She can be tolerated unless she has meat or water with her.

Dib: He tries to expose Zim and Zade. Sometimes she likes him, but mostly not.  He has a crush on her. He threw meat at Zade's face and did a chokeslam on her.

Facts of DoomEdit

  • She rarely ever listens
  • She is Irken Experiment Z4D33JKR4

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