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Biographical information





Ex-Invader/ Leader of the I.C.C.U, I.R.T (Possibly)



Physical description


Eye Color

Green (The Cybernetic Eye is Lime)


Approx. 4'10


190 Ibs, (with cybernetics; 250)

Additional information

IV-1069 Blaster, Modified Quasi-sword, and a "Shredding Claw"


V-0002 Cybernetic Optical Senser w/ Thermal vision, Modified PAK, Cloaking Device

SIR Unit


Number of Planets Conquered



Irken Empire, [DATA EXPUNGED].

Notable Facts

Name Stands for Xazacomorph Ver. Alpha .024.A.

First Appearance



History Edit

His original Name was Hex. But, During Operation Impending Doom 1, a Plasma blast Nearly took his life, but a couple (and probably Insane) Vortian and/or Irken Scientists Made him into one of (If not THE) first Solder To Join the I.C.C.U ( Irken. Cyber. Combat. Unit (AKA. They turned him into a Cyborg). Not soon after that he Left the Irken Empire to Become a Assassin, But He Vanished 10 years ago, Just.. gone.

But recently there has been rumors floating around the Army that he has been reinstated as a Invader, and as a member of the I.R.T (Irken. Recon. Team), Though this is unconfirmed. Or is it?

Personality Edit

He is VERY talkative Irken, But he can be quite the annoying type sometimes, But a skillful leader and a master strategist. He's not vary Social, at all, in fact he's been described as down right Weird and "Uncomfortable Being Aroud".

Equipment Edit

  • Modified PAK unit with Sonar, Teleportation, and contains Holding Space for a SIR unit For Deployment.
  • A Cybernetic Eye with Thermal vision.
  • A "Sonar Antenna" for the PAK

The Rumors Edit

Heres are the Rumors on why Xaz disappeared:

  • He died wile in a failed Mission on planet ████. [NOT LIKELY]
  • He was reinstated Into the Irken Army.
  • Fell into a Wormhole.
  • Crashed landed on a Moon.
  • Became a I.R.T Leader [MOST LIKELY]

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