Teri (original)
Biographical information



15-16 irk years, though she doesn't like to say EXACTLY how old she is



Physical description


Eye Color


Additional information

PAK lasers, her teeth (last resort), anything that hurts when it hits you


PAK (obviously), SIR unit, any equiptment she can get a hold of at any given time and place

SIR Unit

Brook (feminine)

Number of Planets Conquered

0, working on her first


Irken Empire

Notable Facts

She's a defective, but nobody has figured it out yet, because it only affects her when she sees something absolutly horrible!

Teri is an Irken Invader. She was assigned to Nasha, home of the Furry Cat People and their pet Unicorns. When she was told that, she thought for a moment that it was because she's a girl, since to most races that mention cats and unicorns, cats and unicorns (especially the latter) are girly. However, Teri soon learned that not every girly sounding thing is girly..... 

Appearance Edit

Teri has somewhat darker skin than some Irkens. Her eyes are red. Although her uniform looks like a classic Invader uniform, she wears purple boots and gloves, rather than black. Although it's hard to see in the picture, her PAK has red spots. Her antennae are square curled. Although most Irken females have more eyelashes on the outside (away from the middle) than the inside (towards the middle, in between), with Teri it's the exact opposite.

Her disguise is a brown nasha with Irken antennae (nashas have antennae) and a white belly, white paws, white tail tip, white ear tips, and red eyes. No doubt she's based off of Faux from the Fox Chronicles series.

Assignments Edit

Currently assigned to Nasha, home of the Furry Cat People and their Pet Unicorns

Methods of Invasion Edit

Teri's method is to blend in as well as possible without a holographic disguise (because, even though they are better, they are more likely to fail), destroy whoever sees through her disguise (mostly a white-furred nashan named Snowy), weaken defenses by sneaking in and tampering with them (or blowing them up), capturing an enemy ship, destroying anything that can reflect an organic sweep in any way, and, when she's all done, calling the Tallest.

Planets she's been toEdit

Teri has been to Irk, Foodcourtia, Nasha , Vort, Conventia, and all other planets that just make sense. She once tried to go to PopStar just out of pure curiousity, but somehow, through a mistake in which wormhole she went through, she ended up with her ship crashed on Earth's moon and herself crashed on Earth. She never told anybody how she got off that planet.

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