Invader Slush is one of the Invaders in Invader Szar's 20 Planettakerthingys. He is the head researcher of that group, and he likes bagels, coffee, and cheese. He has conquered a few planets such as Cinema 7, Tiny Toes and Corn Dogtopia. He is actually really dumb, but sometimes will have smart flashes. He is a good friend of Invader Szar, Doobla and The Tallest.


Planet name: Musictopia

Species: Pervasorius sanusius

Walking/Floating Life: Yes

Leave date: September 1, 201

Conquer/Destroy: Conquer

Confirm Date: August 20, 201

Signed By: Invader Slush

Mission Approved By: ________________ PENDING APPROVAL ON AUGUST 20, 201

Tallest Approval: Tallest Red and Tallest Purple.

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