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Pris started out like every other smeet. Being born, PAK being installed, going to military training. Towards the end, when everyone was growing, she grew a bit more than others. Not tall enough to be the Tallest, but tall enough to be a crew member on the Massive. She spent two years in training before finally getting to the Massive. After a trip to the Medic revealed that she was the shortest person on the bridge of the Massive, she was shot out of a cannon to the nearest planet. She spent a few years surviving in the harsh jungle, before stumbling into an Irken temple. She was a priestess for nearly fifty years before a vistor told her how she could get back on the Massive. She is curently heading to Earth to kill Zim.

Enemies and AlliesEdit


  • Zim
  • The Tallest
  • Bugs
  • Other Invaders


  • Tak- they both hate Zim.


Pris' skin is slightly green-blue with green eyes and average sized antenne. She wears a thick purple trenchcoat with belts fastened to it with her old preistess dress underneath it. She wears cut up invader's boots.


Pris mainly uses a custom knife that shoots out of the handle when a button is pressed. She has about ten of these knifes.

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