Nox | INV-89-567A
Biographical information



16: Irken Years.




Alive On Planet: New Earth.

Physical description


Eye Color

Ruby Red.


Approx; 4'10.



Additional information

Lazers, Modified Standard Invader Weapons, Giant Sword, His Inventions


PAK, SIR Unit, Modified Spittle Runner, Jet Pack, Time-Space Manipulator, his own variety of inventions.

SIR Unit

Modified Advanced Information Retrieval unit (M.A.I.R.).

Number of Planets Conquered

Two, aided in the conquest of a Third Planet


Irken Empire

Notable Facts

Although he is a defective he still manages to conquer many worlds.

It Is I! Your... Deity! Yes... BOW TO ME!! - Nox to the inhabitants of Planet: Grease.
Invader Nox is a former Irken scientist. The 35 shcamillion error in his PAK makes him competitive, slightly less intelligent, and way more maniacal. His SIR Unit M.A.I.R.'s extensive modifications is always causing malfunctions in his Artificial Intelligence Drive (A.I.D.) which may be why he cannot conquer his currently assigned planet of New Earth.

Operation Impending Doom: 1Edit

Not much is known about his role, only that his assignment was withdrawn due to Zim nearly destroying Irk.

Post Operation Impending Doom: 1Edit

After O.I.D 1, there was no need for invaders so he was forced to work as an "assistant" to a scientist, doing little more than fetching tools, sending reports, and fastening bolts. Though he wasn't mistreated by the lab workers, and his boss was nice by Irken standards. Invader blood was marching through his veins, and his lust for conquest was growing. Another interesting fact is that he was one of the few Invaders not killed by Zim.

Operation Impending Doom: 2Edit

When O.I.D 2 came around, Imperial gaurds came and took Nox to the great assigning, there he was assigned to planet Volcanus, home of the humanold Volcani.

Planet: VolcanusEdit

Invader Nox's first assignment was Volcanus. He disguised himself as a Volcani, (He wore yellow paint, a fake cybernetic eye, a modified arm, and a leg peice, also fake hair, and a blue eye contact.) M.A.I.R. was disguised as a lava pup. His base was built in a stabalized volcano. Volcanus was eventually conquered (after many attempts) when Nox created an Insta-Freeze missile, loaded it in his Spittle Runner, and froze the surface of the planet traping volcani in there cities, the guards to cold to fight back. Since the Volcani could not survive the cold they were forced to bow to the almighty Irken Empire.

Planet: GreaseEdit

On Grease, Invader Nox usually remained in his orbital laboratory disguised as foodtopia or "heaven" to the planet dwellers. Nox disguised himself as a 'Diety' by covering himself in white hot grease, and tricking its inhabitants into slavery.

Planet: New EarthEdit

With several conquered planets under his belt, Invader Nox's greatest challenge lies before him. New Earth is geologically identical to Earth, but technologicaly advanced and capable of universal travel. Nox was sent here duebto its far distance from the Empire and the Tallest as Invader Nox's PAK error has lead to increasingly dangerous screwups. With increased determination, and malfunctional equipment, this is where Invader Nox will notably begin to suffer the 35 shcamilion PAK error.

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