Invader Meen is a well-known Irken Commander, and an Experimental Irken. He has turned to invading new worlds. His name means "Bright and Wise" in Irken, and the closest Earth equivalent would be "Minh", "Ming", or "Akira" (明).

He was born as Irken Experiment M33N628. This is shown by his white PAK (all Experimental Irkens have white PAKs).

Initially, his mission was to "replace" Zim and restore order to the Irken Empire, but later he started exhibiting behavior that could be interpreted as mercy. For example, if the planet seems worthy enough, he will as if the citizens of the planet would become citizens of the Irken Empire, and pay a tribute rather than be decimated and then enslaved. He calls this method "Pax Irkana".


Invader Meen is similar in appearance to Zim, save for the Custom Eye Implant Thingys (earned in a laser accident when he was 5 minutes old), his white PAK, slightly darker skin, and his greater height.

Unlike most Invaders, Meen prefers to wear a variation of the typical Irken uniform, with a infrared tunic, red sleeves, and black collar and shoulder bands.


Invader Meen is curious, scientifically minded; determined; and has a longer rope than most (but still quite short), lashes all-out when angered.

He preferrs to go by the rank of "Admiral Invader", as opposed to "Tallest".



Invader Meen, unlike a vast majority of Irkens, does not despise Zim. Because Invader Meen is a fan of electronic gadgets, he is vastly impressed with the weapons systems in GIR ("how did he cram so much stuff in?"). He also gives him the benefit of the doubt because he realizes that Zim is a Defective.


Meen recognizes Dib as a worthy opponent, and often likes to do strange things just to intrigue Dib. These are things like constructing a small drill rig that pokes holes in the floor of Dib's house, etc. He also does it so that Dib can't tell the red herrings with the actual evidence of plans for the destruction of Earth.

Dib, for a short while, didn't known that Meen was Irken. Nor did he know that Meen's name was actually "Meen". He thought that Meen was "Connor", a perfectly normal human. There was nothing out of the ordinary. But soon Meen was caught revealing himself as an Irken to Zim, and the struggle for Earth became even more frantic.


Meen only sees Tak as an ally, and when she became Tallest along with Zim, He became her right-hand man. His relationship with her has never strayed into romance. He is now equals with her on the Council of the Tallest, and both have a certain respect for each other. They once teamed up to try to eliminate Zim when he was on Earth, but that operation failed.


Meen has seen BLUR as the closest thing he has to a little brother. He protects BLUR and BLUR protects Meen. He was only harsh with BLUR during their time on Earth, when a short circut caused BLUR to become temporarily insane. However, he did find it amusing in some way.


Custom Eye Implant Thingys

See the main article for more information.


Invader Meen's PAK is, as aforementioned, is white (indicating that he is an Experimental Irken). His PAK is also slightly larger than most PAKs, but is not much heavier. It also has five slots instead of three.

The Heart of Darkness

There is a crystal called the Heart of Darkness in his PAK which allows him to enter something he calls "Dark Mode". It turnes his skin gray, his eyes a glowing red, his uniform various shades of gray and black, and his PAK black (pardon the rhyme). When he is in Dark Mode, his PowerSuit can use the Dark Beam and becomes impervious to Nightmare Corruption.

Spider Legs/Laser Cutters/Battle Lasers

Invader Meen's PAK can deploy up to six spider legs, and has a hexagonal formation when using lasers.

Rocket engines

Up to six rocket engines can be deployed at once.


Previously Conquered Planets: Pop Star, Bryyo, PokeWorld, various other planets

Currently Assigned to: Holozero

Methods of Invasion

Meen likes to scope out the area and find weak points in the defenses. Once found, he exploits them and sends over a huge army of attack bots suited to the situation.

Another method is to have the planet's youth play a fun "game" called Invasion. They act like they are planning an invasion of Earth, and make a "make believe" teleporting device. They talk to Drill, the leader, who hides in a bush. Drill is a probe sent by Meen. All over the planet the young children "play". They do it willingly because of promises of no baths, etc. When Zero Hour arrives, massive armies are teleported on-planet and launch a suprise attack.


Events that Invader Meen has been in are: