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"I just wanted to be loved.... not kill a race ..."

-Invader Lenna

Biographical information





Invader {Previously} Defective {Currently}

Physical description


Eye Color



An 9th Grader on planet Earth

Additional information

PAK, ship, various weapons from different planets



SIR Unit

Lurne {Previous}

Number of Planets Conquered



Irken Empire The IRF

Notable Facts

Conqueared a Planet Betrayed Irkens After betraying the Irkens, she changed the colors of the uniform and used it as the uniform for the IRK



Lenna is about 20 years old, and is an Invader. She is a little rebellious when it comes to Irkens. 

Unlike the other invaders, she does not want to conquer. Lenna wanted just to be a shorter Irken so nobody would expect anything from her. But, life doesn't always work out like that, she became very tall. 

Lenna planned on doing anything to get her not to invade, but, she didn't want to fail the ones she loved and cared for, especially her friends, and the Tallests, who were surprisingly kind to her. She invaded a planet, and tried to fail at it, but ended up mistakably doing everything Zim could not do. Conquering the planet.

Currently, she fights with the IRF, Irken Rebillion Force. 


Even though everything that happen to her, she was very kind to everyone around her. But don't try to mess with her, because she can be very powerful when she wants to. To sum her up in a few words, those words, are smart, powerful, nice and independant.

Notable FactsEdit

  • She changed the colors of the Irken uniform to make the standsrd IRF uniform.
  • Lenna created the 'Irken Rebellion Force,' or IRF. she is the leader, and she knows the weak points of the Irken Empire.
  • She used to have the SIR unit, 'Lurne' but she destoryed the robot because he was with the Irken Empire and aganist the IRF.

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