invader elcom


This invader is just a smeet and thus has no history, but will be updated every weekend ( since the Tallest changed the programming in this batch, slightly.


Elcom's Human Disguise


Looks like a normal Irken, but is taller. Her human disguise consists of a short blue wig with pigtails, an ivory sundress, black rimmed glasses, and pink and green eyes.


Is very gentle, but highly intelligent. Since she is blind, develops super hearing, but causes her to have extreme migraines with hundreds of sounds pounding at her antennae, so sometimes, she is very angry and disobidient.


  • Has been born
  • Seems to look older than average smeet
  • Is starting to increase in height, rapidly
  • She has signs of high intelligence
  • Has crafted a successful SIR unit
  • Found out that she is blind
  • Stopped growing at 6' 3"

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