Obey Command

Invader Dakama
Biographical information



18 (irken years)


Not Defective, but Disturbed

Physical description


Eye Color

Blood Red


5' 9"

Additional information

Summoning of Demons


Soul Stealer

SIR Unit


Number of Planets Conquered



Satan, Nightmare Irk, Tallest, Gaz, Dib

Notable Facts

Became mentally disturbed when the Resisty killed her lover in front of her



Dakama was once a proud Irken Invader, but after seeing her lover being murdered by The Resisty, went into a state of depression. Seeing this as an opportunity, Satan tried to coax her into joining her, "It's alright, if you stay with me, no one you love will ever die." Dakama said she loved no one, but agreed to join Satan. This gave her the ability to summon demons. Dakama has conquered an entire galaxy using these powers, and only uses these planets for portals for the Nightmare Dimension to escape. She is building an army to avenge her lover.

Demonic Summoning

Facts and QuotesEdit

  • Listens to the Band of Horses' Funeral song to keep her emotions stable
  • Once had purple eye before she became Demonic
  • Her lover was an Invader named Elij
  • " Trust no one, not even yourself, because your spirit can fail you, and you will fall!"
  • She has no Irken allergies, but cannot be in the sun because it burns!
  • Her overhang covers a scar from the Resisty attack


  • Her uniform is black
  • Has long, black hair because she's part demon
  • Is tall because of birth defect, was going to be Tallest, but since she went into depression, was not qualified
  • Antennaes are drooped because of her hair
  • She has a normal Irken outfit, but no gloves or boots
  • In human form, she just ties her antennae under her hair, wears white foundation (which stays on for 12 hours), a black tangtop, a black and white gothic tutu, green contacts, fish net gloves, and combat boots
    Dakama 003

    Dakama and Kirai Earth Form


Dakama has a very dark and sad personality, usually speaking in a bored manner. She rarely shows emotion, but cries silently in her room. When Meen is around, she becomes protective and shy, in a very girly matter.

Recent NewsEdit

  • Became good
  • Met Skittlez
  • Is being helped(forced) by Skittlez to make friends
  • Has developed a crush on Meen(although he doesn't know)
  • Has been to Nightmare unexpectedly
  • Is groun
    Base 004 angel no original by vocaloid10-d2xp4xn
  • Was dead, go to Dakama(Reborn) to learn more

Funeral Song


Bloody Dakama

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