Invader Ax is an Irken Invader.


Ax is an Invader who was in the military with Invader Ark before he became an Invader. He was sent on a mission during Operation Impending Doom 2, but he went insane after seeing his partner-in-invasion, Invader Tyn, be decapitated by one of the creatures on the planet they were conquering. Ax escaped to the far reaches of the galaxy with his SIR Unit. Nobody has seen him in several years.


Ax was very destructive and was known to blurt out random nonsense, even before he went insane. Now he just does that even more...


Ax has golden eyes and a golden Invader uniform. He also has normal male antennae, boots and gloves with golden latches, and a gray PAK with golden spots.


Ark- Ax and Ark have been great friends for several years.

Vira- Ax and Vira don't completely trust each other, but are friends.

Comatose- Ax likes to make fun of Comatose. They're not exactly friends.

Tyn- Tyn and Ax were the best of friends, and Tyn's death devastated Ax in ways that are unimaginable(in addition to the whole going insane thing). Some people say that Ax had a crush on Tyn, but he has denied it ever since it came up.



"Looking back... It was obvious... No, no. No..."

"Even before the accident- *shudder*- it was like this."

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