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Invader Amborox is an Irken who, along with his partner, Invader Zanite, owns a tea and breakfast restaurant on Foodcourtia.


Amborox has a comedic, cony personality, though he is not a con man.


He wears the standard Invader uniform and has purple eyes. He has regular male antennae.


Invader Zanite-He is the closest friend of Zanite. They might have a crush on each other. 

Invader DlareDlare-He is good friends with DlareDlare.

Invader Vax-Friends.

Zim- He hates Zim's defective mind. He doesn't like how Zanite has a soft spot for Zim, and wants Zim dead. He once sent an assasin after him, but Zanite stopped it.

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