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  • Yayyy 321 begin
  • 11:00InvadervaxVax: *Laying down in apartment, looking out the window*
  • *The TV randomly comes on, as usual*
  • Vax: *Throws a banana at it*
  • 11:00Mysteriousjillguy*The TV begins to spark*
  • 11:01InvadervaxTV: *Turns off and then turns on again for one second, like a man saying "And Another Thing..."*
  • 11:01YourFavoriteFangirl( apparantly this is me and misty
  • 11:01Mysteriousjillguy( lol
  • 11:01LIRLIRLIR: °++++° *dragged along the sidewalk by Lurk*
  • 11:02Mysteriousjillguy(wait
  • ( I was gonna do something with Lurk
  • 11:02InvadervaxVax: *Notices LIR* ...?
  • Vax: *Shrugs*
  • 11:02Mysteriousjillguy*The phone suddenly rings*
  • 11:02LIRLIR(Oh, never mind then. You do it)
  • 11:02InvadervaxVax: *Answers*
  • 11:03MysteriousjillguyPhone:...*heavy breathing*
  • 11:03InvadervaxVax: *Immediately hangs up*
  • 11:03MysteriousjillguyPhone:...You have 7 days-
  • *phone hung up*
  • 11:03InvadervaxVax: *Looks out the window*
  • 11:03Mysteriousjillguy*The TV sparks as soon as VAx hangs up*
  • 11:04Invadervax*The Houses of Parliament are STILL under repair from last Christmas RP*
  • 11:04Mysteriousjillguy*It begins to vibrate*
  • *The TV shakes around violently*
  • 11:05Invadervax(Cowlord wants to come on so that he can be a robot Jesus that uses the cross as a sword. He won't stop bugging me until you do.
  • 11:05LIRLIR(He isn't going to be let in because of that h
  • 11:05Mysteriousjillguy( punch him in the skull pleas-
  • 11:06Invadervax(BRB, dinner...
  • 11:06LIRLIR(Uuuuuuugh k)
  • 11:06Invadervax(Never mind.
  • 11:06LIRLIR(Oh ok)
  • 11:07Mysteriousjillguy*The TV continues shaking*
  • 11:07Invadervax(If I go, Cowlord will take the computer.
  • 11:07YourFavoriteFangirl(obviously vax is witnessing the grudge
  • 11:08Invadervax(Grudge?
  • 11:08Mysteriousjillguy(nooo you're ruining the joke
  • 11:09LIRLIR(Continue)
  • 11:09InvadervaxVax: *Throws another banana at the TV*
  • 11:10Mysteriousjillguy*A black figure crawls out of the TV,with glowing pink eyes and antennae*
  • 11:10InvadervaxVax: *Makes a flash of light*
  • 11:11MysteriousjillguyFigure:AGH!
  • 11:11YourFavoriteFangirl(vax its a horror movie
  • (seriously
  • (youve never heard of it?
  • 11:11Mysteriousjillguy*The figure falls over,revealing it to be Lurk*
  • 11:12InvadervaxVax: What do you want?
  • 11:12Mysteriousjillguy*A 2nd figure comes out of the TV,with red glowing eyes and one single red antennae*
  • 11:12InvadervaxVax: Who's that?
  • 11:12MysteriousjillguyLurk:It's LIR
  • 11:13InvadervaxVax: Well, why are you here?
  • 11:13LIRLIR*LIR flops out of the TV and onto Lurk* .... I HAZ BEEN TRANSPORTED!
  • 11:13YourFavoriteFangirl(
  • 11:13Mysteriousjillguy*A 3rd figure comes out,with black long hair*
  • 11:13InvadervaxVax: ?
  • 11:13LIRLIR*or that happens, and then he says that*
  • ^^ *hugs Vax*
  • *LIR:
  • 11:15InvadervaxVax: *Closes eye and pretends nothing is happening*
  • 11:16LIRLIRLIR: *whispers* hey vax.
  • 11:17YourFavoriteFangirl( ........ god save us all look at her
  • 11:17MysteriousjillguyLurk:OH GOD
  • *Lurk takes out a shovel and hits the black haired girl,it goes back into the TV,hissing*
  • 11:18InvadervaxJIR: *Comes out of the closet*
  • 11:18Mysteriousjillguy*The TV sets on fire*
  • 11:19InvadervaxVax: *Runs into closet, closes door, and hides in there*
  • 11:20YourFavoriteFangirl(
  • 11:21Mysteriousjillguy( are those bunny ears
  • 11:21LIRLIR(Whooaa)
  • 11:21Mysteriousjillguy(lurk:NOTICE ME SENPAI-
  • 11:21Invadervax*The phone rings*

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