HOBO-SIM-53110 is a training simulator on Planet Hobo 13. It is used to create training simulations for Hobo trainees.


The simulator seems to be extremely advanced. It can simulate entire cities and create complex AI simulations of real people. It also has safety protocols that prevent trainees from feeling pain while in the simulator. However,these protocols can be shut off manually.

Appearances Edit

The simulator appeared in Hatbot Noir,when Hatbot trapped Mario and Averii in a simulated Noir world. 


  • Part of it's name is the wikia's creation date,which is May 31st, 2010.
  • Herm died while repairing it,due to a misfortunate accident. 
  • Any sentient being created in the simulator is unaware it is a simulation.
  • If the safety protocols are shutoff,it is possible to die while in the simulator.

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