Information Edit

The restaraunt itself has a long history of people dying there, and contamination found everywhere, but every time an Irken health inspector comes to check, he slips 200 monies in their pocket. Actually, are there even Irken health inspectors? I mean if there were, wouldn't ALL of Foodcourtia be shut down immediatley? Anyway, the owner is unknown, and lives inside the office at the back of the building.

Appearance Edit

The place is a very short building, with walls that look like the tiles you see on a bathroom floor, covered in mold, and the inside is a dull atmosphere with webs all over the place, and vermin living inside the actual booths and seats.

Employees Edit

There are several different workers. The following ranks shall be listed from lowest, to highest: Sewer Bucket, Waiter, Register, Cook, Master Chef, Fry-Lord, Manager, and Owner.

Swallow Buckets Edit

The recipe goes like this:

-A large plastic cup is put on a table, and the cap is opened up.

-An employee goes to the sewers and takes "water" to put in the cup.

-The water is poured in with the corpse of a dead rat.

-Three-headed spider eggs are mixed in along with slime, and the cap is put back on.

-A straw is put in through the top, and taken to your table just for you! :D

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