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Interior: Zim's Lab

Zim: *Salutes* My Tallest.

GIR: *Head blows off and lands on transmission screen*

Red & Purple Tallest: *screams*

Zim: My Tallest, I, THE GREAT ZIM, need a replacement SIR unit.

Purple Tallest: Fine, we'll get you a replacement.

Zim: Zim signing off.

Interior: Irken Master Ship

Red Tallest: Are you really going to send Zim a new SIR?

Purple Tallest: No. I'm going to send another malfunctioning SIR.

Red & Purple Tallest: *Laughs*

Rebelious Vortian: I shall switch these labels like I had once done before.

*A few days later*

Interior: Zim's House

Zim: Ah yes, my Package has arrived.

GIR: What is it?

Zim: A second SI-- I mean, WEAPONS!

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