Atomasphere renders picture unseeable

Sapient Ponies.


Luna. (In ruins)


Chemical Harvesting while the moon is used for chemical storage.

Notable Facts

One large continent, Atmosphere distorts communications.


Equis has one large continent called Equestria and is inhabited by sapient ponies. This planet was assigned to Invader Chax. However the very presence of "friendship" caused Chax's eyes to turn inside-out. Until he healed Invader Nox was in charge of the planets decimation.Invader Nox considered it to be usless piece of a bigger filthy rock. Invader Nox conquered Equis (Although he had a near death expirience) by putting Manifested Evil in the planets core which weakened the planet and its inhabitants for a quick Organic Sweep. The planet was originally assigned to Nox's friend Invader Chax.


When Nox put Manifesed Evil in the planets core, it turned the planet black and brown and devastated its moon. Because of this the planets surface became able to produce helpful chemicals, thus the planet became a Chemical Harvesting operation. Because Equis currently has a very thin atmosphere it is uninhabitable by ordinary means.

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