Planet Earth


View of Earth from space

Earth is at the far reaches of the galaxy, and is mostly covered by oceans. It's not considered valuable by the mighty Irken Empire and is home to a dumb alien race known as humans as well as many different cultures, all considered inferior to the Irken Empire in every way.

It weighs 87 octillion tons.

The humans speak many different languages. (Which is kind of stupid.)

It has one moon.


Known "Earths" Edit

It was discovered by Invader Jib that there are actually several "Earths" across the universe.  Each Earth is similar in almost everyway, having only one major difference. This difference usually has to do with the "Earth's" timeline, a key event in it turning out in a different way. 

EARTH-3301: The Earth Zim was "assigned" to. 

EARTH-4510: The Earth Invader Jib was sent to conquer. 

In addition to the "Multiple Earths" phenomenon, there's at least one Earth in most of the universes in the Z-Multiverse. 

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