Masculine Programming.



Additional information

The Irken Empire (Former); Himself

Notable Facts

Exterminated Irken Life on Vertec; Commanded Robloxia Invasion.

EYE-6670 is the Control Brain that was in charge of the Robloxia Invasion. He eventually malfunctioned due to poor engineering, and went insane, sending those under his command on a short-lived genocide before self-destructing.


Created to be a Control Brain for the Invasion of Robloxia, EYE was shipped to planet Vertec and commanded the Robloxia Invasion for a few years. Poor engineering made him eventually malfunction and go insane, unfortunately for the many who were under him.

In his madness, he declared the Irken race "pitiful", and decided to take control of Vertec. He soon corrupted Slyzor 's PAK and made him help him commit genocide on the Irkens of Vertec... A very successful one, at that. He had the portal for the Invasion shut down as well, and all the A.I. and machines on the planet wiped all traces of Irken life on Vertec. In the end, he was sucessful and self-destructed, calling Slyzor his "successor".


  • EYE-6670 was made to be a much more advanced control brain than their predecessors. Consequentially, this made his engineering very experimental. This lead to his eventual malfunction.

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