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History Edit

2015-11-13 23.31.03
DiGi | S.I.R. MALF-U8497-A6

Unknown. Possibly 40 Robot Years.


Male Programing.


Matters on the Personality, See Article.


Approx. 3"5.

Additional information

A V-023412 Rocket Launcher.


A V-02134 Multi-Tool.


Invader Xaz-Alph


Irken Empire, SIR Units.

Notable Facts

Has A Personality Disorder, See Article.


A failed Prototype Mark 4 SIR Unit, he was scrapped due to a fatal flaw, He has over 6 personalitys in his head, Then Technician Bina Fixed Him up and Gave it to a Friend, Xaz, Who Modified it

Personality Edit

Like I said, There is 6 personalitys in this little guys head, Which Color his eye is, means which personality is affecting him.

  • (Green)- Calm, Laid Back
  • (Blue)- Intelligent, Mature
  • (Purple)- Egotistical
  • (Yellow)- Basically acts like GIR
  • (Red)- Aggressive, Violent
  • (Black)- Always Sad, Paranoid

Equipment/Weapons Edit

He has V-02134 Multi-tool with, Several "Screwdrivers", a Drill, A rocket Launcher, Buzz-saw, Welding tool, Grappling Hand, and a Laser Pointer for measuring.

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