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Commander Enn is a former commander. He was removed of his Commander status,after an incident involving Darrz and the death of his entire current elite squad. 

Biographical information



459(Irken years)


Prisoner,Former commander

Physical description


Eye Color

Dusty rose


4 feet,short

Additional information

standard weapons,PAK,etc


standard elite equipment,PAK,etc

SIR Unit


Number of Planets Conquered



Irken Empire

Notable Facts

Obsessed with control


He was last seen being brought to the Devastis Control Brain,when Darrz's punishment was decided.  After being left alone with the Control Brain,he was never heard of again. 


Enn was a very strict commander,that harshly punished lower ranks for simple mistakes and rule infractions. He constantly followed exact rules and regulations without hesitation,and would not tolerate failure.

Enn was also known to be extremely obssessed with control over his elites and command over most situations. Because of this,he has a bad reputation as a commander and is disliked by most elites. 

He also seems to be extremely irritated by Darrz. 


Enn has noticeable cheek bones,two scars under his right eye,and eye bags. He has dusty rose colored eyes,upwards antennae with short ends,and a small pod shaped device implanted into the right side of his head. His PAK has 2 pink spots,unlike most Irkens. He usually wears a dark red standard commander uniform,with elite arm armor and boots. 


  • Darrz destroyed his elite squad after ignorantly firing at a deadly gas tank,causing it explode. The explosion left him with major injuries and awful burns. 
  • He was judged as partly responsible for the incident by the Devastis Control Brain,and was punished for it. He was most likely imprisoned for life in a dungeon.  

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