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BEHOLD! The incredible power of Ninja Star Cookies can be yours today! Now available in regular and special edition Moofy packaging!


  • Print two copies of the selected page
  • Cut out the first copy
  • ONLY cut out the main panel of the second copy
  • Fold and tape together the panels of the first copy
  • Tape the second large panel to the bottom ONLY on one side
  • Fill the box with cookies of your choosing (I recommend Girl Scout Samoa cookies)
  • Thank me (Invader Vex) for bringing the great taste of Chocolate Covered Ninja Star Cookies into your home!
  • Devour cookies

Normal Packaging!

Ninja Moofy

Special Edition Moofy box!

Ninja life

Wanna buy a box of chocolate covered ninja star cookies mistah? HUH?

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