Invader ZIM: A wonderful show. Cancelled. Killed off without a finale, and  - although it is being resurrected as a comic - the fact remains that its animated universe died without getting a proper sendoff.

That simply won't do. So we've decided to fix this problem...

Invader ZIM: The DOOM Movie! is a fan film about Invader ZIM, which will function as a series finale for the show - a finale it deserved all along!


The Irken Empire has conquered the universe. Operation Impending Doom II was a success. Now the only problem that the Almighty Tallest face is their own boredom.

Remembering Zim, a defective Irken who was exiled to Earth on a fake mission, the Tallest hatch a cruel joke and stop by Earth en route to Irk. Blowing Zim's cover and revealing his mission to be a fake, the Tallest take off for Irk, laughing at Zim's misery and leaving him stranded on Planet Earth.

Unfortunately for the Tallest, Zim has become convinced that something is brainwashing them, and that it is up to him and his robotic companion GIR to rescue the Tallest from this perceived threat.

Getting tangled in the ensuing mix of mayhem and destruction are Dib , Gaz , a clingy, irritating escaped Irken Prisoner, a mysterious figure trailing them, the Resisty, the Master Control Brain, and even a poor, hapless Skoodge.

With all these characters out seeking their own ends, there's no telling what wacky, insane, psychotic, and just downright catastrophic events will ensue.

This is Invader ZIM: The DOOM Movie!

Release date: 3-30-2017

Possible Content Advisory: Sci-Fi Violence, Frightening Images


DeviantART (our main base of operations)

Tumblr (for all your tumbling-down-a-hill needs)

YouTube (where we post interesting preview snippets!)

Facebook (production updates and publicity stunts will be chronicled here to be used against us in court at a future date. Sorry about the gophers. I didn't mean to.)

Twitter (for those who prefer their news short and sweet and to the point)

IZFAS Subforum (Tallest Sarah, of Soapy Waffles fame, allowed us to create a miniature base of operations on IZFAS's website. Inn't that niiiiice?)

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