An better
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13 irken years, ~129 Earth Years

Physical description


Eye Color




Additional information

None, She's Against Violence (For the Most Part)




Chemical Analyzer

Notable Facts

An is a rogue who believes in peace and whose PAK, unlike most irkens, isn't nessecary for life since the data inside was never activated and she has learned to live without it.

An is a peaceful defect who is hiding from the Irken government on Earth. She is an experienced spaceship pilot and excels in causing collisions. Her ship was damaged by debris falling, this debris the result of one of the aforementioned collisions, and she crashed on Earth where she met an emo teenager named Bridget ( Emo meaning 90's emo, not self-mutilating emo ), who harbored her for a while.

An used an automatic translator in her PAK to communicate, and they soon became friends, though An often got on Bridget's nerves. They met a goth named Edward who was an Invader Zim fan and the minute he saw An, even though she had a relatively acceptable disguise on, he could tell what she was because she was still wearing her irken uniform. He approached her and told her he knew her secret and immediately began to try and get to know her better. When he realized she was against not an invader and was against war, he was greatly relieved and over the course of time they became lovers.

Zim tried to capture An and bring her in for the reward, mainly because he had a bone to pick with her because she once caused a collision that resulted in the death of Tak. The Tallest refused to grant him permission to execute her himself. Instead, they said that he had to send her over to them for DNA testing. They lied about their location, saying that they were orbiting Meekrob. Zim saw through the ruse but figured he may as well go there to look for them anyway, a decision which ultimately ended in An's, Edward's, and his own death.

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